Elements of Practice

dave pelz on synlawn golf greenPurchasing a custom backyard putting green made from SYNLawn synthetic grass is an incredible way to make practicing putting and chipping more convenient. And while practicing more often is essential, the turf you practice on is equally as important as how often. SYNLawn is committed to providing a host of golf training aids to help you take your game to another level. That commitment includes “The Elements of Practice” by golf-guru Dave Pelz. “The Elements of Practice” are a series of drills and games created by Dave Pelz, who is one of golf’s foremost authorities on the short game. Each of these elements focuses on a specific aspect of your short game. It can then be practiced on SYNLawn golf greens or putting mats. “The Elements of Practice” will take you through the most common challenges golfers face to help you improve and achieve the low scores you desire.

The Elements of Practice are available at SYNLawnGolf.com and include:

Here’s where it gets fun. In addition to the invaluable professional instruction you’ll receive from The Elements of Practice, SYNLawn can incorporate these elements into your home practice green. SYNLawn creates every customized green to the exact specification of the client. Customizations can include which areas of your game you wish to focus on, for example. A focus on fundamentals, as well as the common challenges players face on the golf course, is what The Elements of Practice are all about. Players of all ages and skills levels can benefit from the expertise and experience of golf guru Dave Pelz. For this reason, SYNLawn is proud to make his knowledge available to you. If you’re passionate about the game, that means you’re always looking for ways to improve. Discover more about the great many golf training aids available to you through SYNLawn. These materials, along with our turf, will make your short game more viable and the game itself more enjoyable by what they have to offer.

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