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Explore at-home putting green options from SYNLawn Golf

image of putting greensIf the idea of golfing at home has ever entered your mind, SYNLawn’s artificial putting greens can make that dream come true. Their practice golf greens offer a realistic look, feel, and performance. The realism will allow you to make the most of your practice time. Plus, the convenience of having your own practice golf training aid just outside the back door will make working on your game incredibly easy. Furthermore, your backyard putting green will be custom designed in such a way as to accentuate its existing surroundings. The result is a breathtaking outdoor space and private practice facility on which to hone your chipping and putting skills. SYNLawn’s custom greens are part of a more extensive collection of golf-related applications. SYNLawn, the industry’s leading manufacturer and distributor of artificial grass products, offer golf products, and more. These golf grass products, which are favorites of residential and commercial customers alike, include:

SYNLawn Golf Products Let You Practice Anywhere

There is no substitute for practice. With the convenience of a practice green located in your very home, this is an advantage that can’t be overstated. SYNLawn products are durable, so expect pristine surfaces that offer authentic rolls with the look and feel of natural grass greens no matter the weather or time of year. Because your goal is to be a scratch golfer and not a groundskeeper you’ll enjoy the fact that these beautiful installations require virtually nothing of you in the way of maintenance. No watering, no mowing, no fertilizing, and no aerating. All of this means more time to enjoy your green and upgrade your short game and little to no time spent maintaining it. As a golf enthusiast, there can be no better gift to yourself than a SYNLawn synthetic grass putting green. In terms of the difference it will make in your game and the upgrade it will provide for your outdoor space there are few better returns on your investment. Call your local SYNLawn dealer today, or learn more about the fantastic products available to you at www.synlawngolf.com.

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