Ohio High School Improves Golf Training for Students with Indoor Practice Green


Rossford, OH — Rossford High School, located in Northern Ohio, is the home of the Bulldogs boy’s golf team and girl’s golf teams. The school’s athletic directors hoped to elevate the rankings of its sports teams by providing its student-athletes with a new athletic facility, including an indoor golf practice room to improve their skills during the cold and snowy off-season. SYNLawn Northeast Ohio was selected to design and install a professional-quality indoor golf practice putting green.

Improving Student Golf Training with Indoor Practice Green

SYNLawn Northeast Ohio has a strong reputation in the area due to its 20 years of industry experience and the innovative golf projects it has worked on. It collaborated with Rudolph Libbe Group, a provider of construction services, to build a 2,000-square-foot indoor training room for young golfers.

SYNLawn Northeast Ohio used a combination of the following synthetic surfacing products to create the custom installation:

  • Dave Pelz GreenMaker by SYNLawn Golf to replicate the experience of playing on a pro-quality golf green. Researched, developed, and tested by Dave Pelz, a PGA Tour player and coach, and the Pelz Golf Institute, it’s the finest putting green system available on the market.
  • Precision Putt for quality performance and superior ball control. It’s perfect for training since it provides the same level of performance as a professional golf course.
  • SYNAugustine 847 for the fringe areas. This product is ideal to pair with the putting green since it’s soft, durable, and stunningly realistic. It’s also made with Super Yarn™ technology that provides heat reflective, anti-static, Sanitized® and non-abrasive grass blades.
  • SYNTipede 343 for superior durability in high foot traffic areas like this practice green. It delivers performance and beauty. SYNTipede 343 also features SYNLawn’s exclusive plant-based EnviroLoc+™ Backing System, which is an environmentally friendly, multi-layer component system that locks in durable turf fibers and extends the life cycle of the turf.

SYNLawn Northeast Ohio was proud to build a state-of-the-art indoor training room, allowing the Bulldogs golf teams to perfect their putting skills year-round.

Build a Pro-Quality Golf Green with SYNLawn

If you’re planning to create a custom golf green for a commercial or residential project, consider working with one of our expert design and installation teams. They have the skills and expertise to bring any golf project to life. Contact your nearest SYNLawn distributor for more information about our premium products and services.