Golf Product Selector Guide

Select two or more artificial grass varieties to compare. Need help deciding which of our synthetic golf grasses is the right one for you? Give us a call and one of our professional landscaping experts will be happy to help outfit your backyard golf facility with the right turf for every aspect of the game.

Putting Surfaces


Fringe & Collar


Tee Line

  • Putting Performance: The fastest, truest ball roll across the surface.
  • Chipping Performance: The ability to ‘hold’ a shot under 25 yards, any shots that stay below your shoulder.
  • Pitching Performance: The ability to ‘hold’ a chip shot under 50 yards.
  • Shot Stopper System: Recommended for holding shots over 50 yards.
  • Rough: Any SYNLawn Landscaping product will work for a “Rough” on a golf project. However, the products recommended above provide the most realistic match between putting green and fringe surfaces.
  • SYNLawn Tee Strike: The only Tee Line surface that SYNLawn recommends.
  • SYNBermuda 214: The only Fairway product SYNLawn recommends.

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