GreensMaster Certification

SYNLawn Greensmaster Certified LogoSYNLawn Golf has developed the GreensMaster™ Certification Program to ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship, design principles, and engineering specifications in synthetic golf putting green installations for homes and businesses. The GreensMaster™ Certification Program offers incomparable value and confidence to customers looking for the absolute best workmanship and quality when it comes to the construction of their putting green or golf practice facilities. Here’s why the GreensMaster Certification matters and why choosing a SYNLawn GreensMaster Certified installation expert is essential for any serious golfer.

The Importance of a GreensMaster Certified Installer

The GreensMaster Certification is symbol of quality and expertise. SYNLawn, the worldwide leader in synthetic grass putting green surfaces and installations, has meticulously crafted this program to ensure our installation experts are proficient in a range of categories critical to delivering a world-class, realistic-performing golf installation. These categories include:

  • Landscape Integration and Site Design Principles: Ensuring the putting green fits naturally into its surroundings.
  • Elevated Base and Advanced Surface Prep: Laying the foundation for the ultimate performance and playability.
  • Radius Fringe Cuts and Precision Seaming: Crafting the edges and seams with utmost accuracy.
  • Realistic and Challenging Slopes, Breaks, and Undulations: Mimicking the real challenges of a championship golf course.
  • Elements of Practice, Cup setting/location and installation: Adding the details that allow you to improve your game and have fun doing it.
  • Proper high-performance top infill: Critical for the longevity and performance of the green.
  • Using the highest quality consumables, materials, and accessories: Ensuring that only the best materials are used for a premium finished product.
image of SYNLawn Greens Master Certified Installers laying turf

Rigorous Process and Standards

To qualify for GreensMaster Certification, our installation experts must have proficiency and knowledge of the many ins and outs of golf installation practices and techniques. This criteria requires the installer to install at least ten putting greens measuring over 500 square feet, complete with all strict requirements for every installation process from start to finish.

image of SYNLawn Greens Master Certified Installers laying turf

Why Choose a GreensMaster Certified Installation Expert?

  • Quality Assurance: A SYNLawn GreensMaster Certified installation expert is trained in the art of synthetic golf greens creation. Unlike ordinary landscapers, these are top industry experts in crafting realistic and challenging golf greens.
  • Constant Monitoring and Recertification: The program requires ongoing adherence to quality. This constant monitoring ensures the continuous production of only the highest quality of workmanship.
  • Recognition and Marketing Support: All GreensMaster Certified installers receive an official GreensMaster Certificate, including window stickers, patches, and more, to help customers easily identify and trust the certified experts.
  • Enhanced Golf Experience: For true golf enthusiasts, having a custom golf putting green that mirrors the real experience is paramount. A GreensMaster certified installed putting green assures that every putt, slope, and break is designed to challenge and engage, just like a championship course.
  • Longevity and Value: Utilizing the highest quality materials and precise installation techniques ensures a long-lasting green that retains its value over time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With detailed requirements and measurable standards, a GreensMaster Certification guarantees customer satisfaction. Our criteria ensures transparency and customer satisfaction at every stage.
image of SYNLawn Greens Master Certified Installers laying turf

Investing in a GreensMaster Certified Installation

Choosing a SYNLawn GreensMaster Certified installation expert is not just about installing a custom putting green; it’s about investing in a genuine golf experience. From the meticulous integration of the green into the surrounding landscape to the precision of each seam, our certified installation experts deliver a product that stands apart from ordinary synthetic golf greens. The rigorous process to reach certification, continued education, and stringent quality checks make the GreensMaster Certification a symbol of excellence.

For home or business owners looking to create an authentic golf experience with synthetic putting green installations, trusting a SYNLawn GreensMaster Certified installation expert is the clear choice. The GreensMaster Certification ensures quality, realism, durability, and customer satisfaction, making it a wise investment for any golf enthusiast. The GreensMaster logo is more than a branding tool; it’s a promise of exceptional quality, guaranteeing that your putting green is designed and constructed by the industry’s most skilled and knowledgeable experts.

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