Backyard Golf Complex Created for Former Pro Baseball Player

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Leawood, KS — A former Professional Baseball player selected the team from SYNLawn Kansas City to transform his family’s backyard into a private sports complex, including a custom 6-hole golf putting green and a stunning half-court basketball court featuring premium synthetic surfacing products from SYNLawn and SYNLawn Golf.

image of private custom back yard putting green and basketball court

Designing a Professional Custom Golf Green

Part of the residential project included designing and installing a custom golf green based on inspiration from “The Elements of Practice” by golf guru Dave Pelz. The homeowner’s dream is to win the local Hallbrook Golf Club Championship, so he tasked the team at SYNLawn Kansas City to build a custom golf green that will allow him to practice like a professional golfer.

SYNLawn Kansas City has expertise in creating professional quality golf installations for residential and commercial projects like an award-winning 12th Hole at Augusta replica for a cybersecurity group, which factored into the homeowner’s decision to hire the team for this important project.

The team worked closely with the homeowner to design a world-class putting green featuring SYNLawn’s top golf products to use for practice and to entertain his high-profile friends and houseguests.

image of private custom back yard putting green and basketball court

Repurposing the Existing Sports Court with Artificial Turf Surfacing

Transforming the outdoor space was challenging since SYNLawn Kansas City had to save an existing full-size tennis court from being disposed of in a landfill. The team decided to repurpose the court by building the putting green and a half-court basketball surface on top of it.

The team from SYNLawn Kansas City transformed the backyard using the following premium artificial turf products to create the two custom sports areas:

  • 2,351 square feet of Precision Putt for quality performance and superior ball control. It provides the same level of performance expected from a professional golf course.
  • 3,033 square feet of SYNTipede 243, which is regarded for its strength and resiliency. Plus, it’s the cleanest and safest turf available since the turf is made with Super Yarn™ technology that provides heat reflective, anti-static, Sanitized® and non-abrasive grass blades.
  • 1,031 square feet of SYNFescue 343 that offers superior dimensional strength and stability. It also incorporates Super Yarn™ technology.
  • 30 square feet of SYNSport White, which is engineered for multi-sport installations. Not only does it offer unmatched resiliency and support, it’s also the top choice for safety since the surfacing has an ASTM E108 Class A Fire Rating.
  • 2,340 square feet of SYNCourt™, which is the ideal choice for sports surfacing since there are 16 colors to select from and any custom design is possible.
  • 20,000 pounds of white sand to create the bunker for the golf green.
image of private custom back yard putting green and basketball court

For additional antimicrobial protection and to keep the turf performing better for longer, SYNLawn Kansas City also installed over 10,000 lbs. of high-performance top dressing using U.S. GreenTech’s Envirofill.

SYNLawn Kansas City enjoyed creating the sports complex for the family of the former professional baseball player to enjoy with his family and friends. They’re confident that having a professional-quality green will help prepare him to win the next golf tournament.

image of private custom back yard putting green and basketball court

Transform Your Backyard with Artificial Grass

This custom residential project is just one of the hundreds of installations SYNLawn’s experts have created for families across the planet using artificial grass. Create the backyard of your dreams with the cleanest and greenest turf on the market by contacting a SYNLawn distributor near you.