Elements of Practice: Chipping Areas

#8 — Chipping Areas

Master chip shots to lower your score

  • Off-green fringe and rough areas are necessary in your backyard complex to enhance your improvement of “low–running chips” and more lofted “pitch” shots. PGA TOUR pros excel in these chipping areas and get up and down between 75 to 85% of the time, while amateurs are in the 15 to 50% range.
  • Preferably have at least an 18-inch wide, semi-level collar around the green as well as a fairway fringe chipping area. Synthetic grass bunkers are great and allow for practicing uphill and downhill lies.
“With proper set-up and swing mechanics, the chip shot is one of the easiest shots in Golf. With an improper set up, the chip shot is one of the hardest and most embarrassing shots in Golf.”Dave Pelz

image of dave pelz chip shot golf drill

image of chip shot golf swing

image of chip shot drill game by dave pelz


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