Tee Strike Golf Mat 5’x5′



SYNLawn Golf practice mats are perfect for home simulator, launch monitor, and backyard practice setups. Tested and in use by PGA Professionals and instructors for their genuine performance and realistic feel, these mats are built for professional driving ranges, but perfect for a home studio or backyard practice setup. The SYNLawn Tee Strike Golf Mat is 1 5/8″ thick utilizing our premium proprietery 100% nylon turf with a 5/8″ premium foam pad backing.

Product Features

  • SYNLawn proprietary 100% nylon turf used in our professional custom golf installations
  • Dense nylon turf accepts real golf tees anywhere on the mat
  • Four recessed holes on all four sides to hold plastic tee holders
  • 5/8″ foam base provides stabilty and shock absorption to prevent fatigue and injury
  • Color-fast, UV stabilized yarns to resist fading from the sun

Warranty Information

Portable Putting Green and Fairway Mat products purchased directly from SYNLawn or one of SYNLawn’s representatives are warranted against defects in workmanship and material for one year from date of purchase. If you wish to claim a warranty issue, please contact customer service at info@synlawn.com for shipping authorization and instructions. The customer shall be responsible for all expenses of any unauthorized returns. Replacement of a product is at the sole discretion of SYNLawn Golf.
“SYNLawn has the highest quality turf that we have tested and is in use in our tour player practice center.” Dave Pelz

Full Swing
Chipping & Pitching
Ease of Use

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