image of Sitka Alaska Sea Mountain Golf Course Putting Green by SYNLawn Golf

Sea Mountain Golf Course Upgraded with Synthetic Surfacing for Enhanced Durability and Playability


Sitka, Alaska — The historic island town of Sitka is a popular destination known for its beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, outdoor recreation opportunities, and culturally diverse history and community. Sitka is only accessible by boat or plane, which makes it an ideal stop for cruise ships. It’s visited by thousands of cruise tourists each year, so tourism-related business has grown. One new recreation offering available to visitors is the Sea Mountain Golf Course, which overlooks the Sitka Sound and offers breathtaking views of Alaska’s natural beauty. The golf experts at SYNLawn helped upgrade the unique 9-hole course with the installation of synthetic golf surfacing for enhanced durability and playability.

image of Sitka Alaska Sea Mountain Golf Course Putting Green by SYNLawn Golf

Resurfacing with Professional Quality Golf Products

Due to its coastal location, Sea Mountain Golf Course is exposed to extreme weather conditions. To create a more resilient course that plays well consistently in any type of weather, Sitka Golf Association and the property’s General Manager decided to renovate the course in phases and install a more durable surfacing material.

Sitka Golf Association and the General Manager were familiar with SYNLawn’s professional-quality golf products, which are highly reputed among golfers. So, they decided to hire the golf design and installation experts from SYNLawn Corporate and SYNLawn Oregon to work on the resurfacing project. SYNLawn’s golf products are manufactured using nylon rather than polyethylene, which is why they’re more durable than other surfacing materials.

image of Sitka Alaska Sea Mountain Golf Course Putting Green by SYNLawn Golf

As part of the renovations, the SYNLawn team installed the following high-quality golf products:

  • Classic Pitch putting green turf for superior ball roll performance and lasting endurance. It was developed based on years of research and insight from several of the greatest golf coaches. Classic Pitch is built to accept long golf shots and withstand heavy traffic.
  • SYNAugustine 347 fringe to provide an excellent chipping surface as well as the most natural looking artificial turf.
  • Tee Strike mats for the driving range and turf for the hitting boxes to provide a cushioned stance and support a standard golf tee for a natural, true-to-life feel.

The SYNLawn team greatly enjoyed collaborating with the Sitka Golf Association and the General Manager to provide visitors and residents with a unique, beautiful, and built-to-last golf course.

image of Sitka Alaska Sea Mountain Golf Course Putting Green by SYNLawn Golf

Enhance Your Golf Experience with SYNLawn

Whether you’re looking to design and build a custom green or upgrade an existing golf course, we have the best quality golf products available on the market. Contact one of our expert distributor teams to discuss how our synthetic golf surfacing products enhance any golf project.