Putting Green Install in Oregon Converts Backyard to Usable Space

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SYNLawn Oregon designers offer landscaping solutions for tricky terrain

Washington customer Bob had a problem. A problem with his backyard that he simply could not manage with traditional landscape solutions. After exploring several options Bob decided to consult with a design specialist at SYNLawn Northwest in Oregon. At last he found what he was looking for. His backyard space consisted of a Sport Court basketball area surrounded by natural grass with severe slopes and multi-tiered areas. Basketball used to be the preferred form of recreation for his children, however as they grew older the basketball court received little use and became a bigger problem to maintain. With frequent rain and maintenance difficulty Bob was battling erosion issues. The lawn area was hard to mow and even harder to keep it looking nice. Shade on the backside of the house made it nearly impossible for to grow grass consistently. Then there was mud. Frequent rains produced nothing but mud causing a slipping concern for the family. There had to be a better solution.