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image of baby playing golf on artificial grassEver think to yourself after a fun-filled day of golf, “I wish I would have started learning when I was a kid!”

Fresh air and sunshine, a walk in the park and a healthy dose of exercise are all great reasons for kids to start along the path of golf at an early age and the long term effects go far beyond the physical aspects.

Many sports teach kids to be competitive, to work together as a team and to succeed under pressure which all translate well into the daily routine, into their school life and in their relations with other children.

Youth golf also has its advantages.

Golf has many more benefits than the above standards, as taught by groups such as the First Tee program. The sport that can last a lifetime instructs kids on the core values of honesty, courtesy towards others, on strategy and smart decisions both on and off the golf course – all positive attributes that will help in leadership roles and throughout their careers.

On a more educational level, as mentioned by a local Houston-based developer, “Golf is math, golf is English. You must calculate the break of the ball in degrees. It’s just another avenue of learning.”

Sounds like former NASA Physicist and short game instructor Dave Pelz who also believes that, if we can learn more about the scientific aspects of golf, we will perform better on the putting green and on the course.

Pelz also mentioned that, where adults in his class have to unlearn something before they can grasp a concept, “kids are the most voracious learners in the game. You tell them something they say, ‘Oh, okay’ and they start doing it that way.”

Adults make the learning process more complicated and confusing but kids tend to look at golf in a more simplistic fashion – they can break the sport down and learn to shrug off the disappointments at an early stage.

Once kids have something interesting that they have learned, they want to practice, even show-off a bit of their new found knowledge! Encourage family activities both on and off the golf course.

Sponsors of The First Tee such as SYNLawn, fully endorse the concept of starting golf young by offering means to practice daily at home while making the sport enjoyable and accessible.

Elements of practice can be made into golf games for the whole family, and some activities such as distance control and putting can be as simple as backyard practice, on practice mats or on DIY greens right in your own home.

Although many players cite that golf is mainly a mental game and is played between your ears, let’s not forget the physical benefits of the sport – that’s right, golf remains a sport and will soon be a part of the Olympics!

Swinging a golf club, walking the course, proper bending and stretching before and after the round all translate into great health benefits without hurting kids physically as may be the case with other sports.

Have questions about the benefits of starting kids along the fairway of golf? Discuss with us on our Golf for Beginners blog, on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and on @SYNLawn_Golf.

Disclosure: This is a “sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

how to get your spouse into golf

Having difficulties trying to get your spouse or kids into the game of golf? The answers can be as simple as challenging them to a fun game without ever leaving the house!

In the latest blog entry of Golf for Beginners, How to get your Spouse and Kids on par with Golf, author Stacy Solomon explores several ways to involve the family involved in fun activities together.

Let the Games Begin!

Get competitive! Why not challenge your little one to a quick game with the future of ice cream on the line? How about a ‘friendly bet’ with the spouse to decide who gets to plan ‘date night’? There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition is there? Pretty soon you’ll be spending more quality time with your children and perhaps even your significant other.

image link to what dads do for golf

Rarely do Fathers working 9-5 jobs have time to play a round of golf, except, possibly, maybe on the weekends? Perhaps this is the reason why many feel they need to sneak away, tip-toeing to the golf course when nobody is looking? For the lucky parents out there, introducing the children or spouse to the game can alleviate the pressure while creating lasting memories.

Many times the challenge of rounding up the family and escaping to the golf course can be time-consuming, cost prohibitive and downright next to impossible. Wouldn’t it be nice if Dad’s could combine their love of golf with family time at home? Wouldn’t it be even nicer to be able to step out your home’s back door to a comfortable, convenient setting of a custom backyard putting green?

With a synthetic green from SYNLawn Golf, Dad can be a hero both on and off the course. Click here to read the latest blog from Stacy Solomon of ‘Golf for Beginners’ who explores what Dads do to satisfy their love of golf and family.

image of golf club face anglePopular golf blogger Stacy Solomon (@Golf4Beginners) writes how Science and Golf can come together to improve your game on the course, or better yet, your own backyard.

With years of research and testing and experiments from former Nasa physicist Dave Pelz combined with the principles of “work, energy and power” incorporated into the latest in synthetic grass products by SYNLawn Golf, your short game may never be the same.

Click here to read the entire story.

image of backyard putting green by synlawn golf

Practice makes perfect – this is true for any sport but, in golf, a single putt can make the difference between winning that all-important hole in match play. According to, “fifty percent of shots are hit within forty yards of the hole.” Short game and putting expert Dave Pelz noted that PGA Tour Pros average just over twenty-nine putts per round compared with twenty to thirty handicappers who average thirty-five and more putts per round!

Since this is fact, why wouldn’t you spend most of your golf practice time on short game and improving your ability to putt?

Or, in many cases, time is at a premium and golfers may haphazardly pull out their electronic putting cup and roll putts along a wood floor or carpet hoping that this substitutes as practice, instead of traveling to the nearest course with a putting green. The problem with this form of “practice” is it will not teach true roll or speed of a green, not to mention that you’ll never figure out how to putt on hilly lies.

Wouldn’t it be great to have direct access to a green right in your own back yard? Leading short game golf guru, Dave Pelz, preaches regularly that direct access is the key to putting greatness. Okay, so Pelz has designed a wonderland of sorts in his own backyard – a masterfully created two acre SYNLawn Synthetic Golf haven, complete with reproductions of Augusta and Sawgrass greens that roll true …and never need water!

image of dave pelz back yard golf complex

Not everyone can be Dave Pelz but many folks can easily create a short game area complete with putting green near a terrace or patio for daily enjoyment and will probably practice a whole lot more…and with much more accuracy, thus helping to lower your handicap.

Why go with a synthetic lawn and not create a grassy haven? As mentioned before, synthetic lawns don’t need to be watered, so you’ll save up to seventy percent on your water bill. Artificial turf is also always green, never needs fertilizer or mowing and even feels like real grass. Finally Dave Pelz, a former NASA physicist (nope, I did not know either), has helped develop this particular synthetic lawn for over five years to simulate a real golf green. Have I gotten your attention?

If so, and you are considering creating a short game area in your back yard, Mr. Pelz has a few tips to help build a unique and complex putting green so that you can’t wait to get out and practice.

  • “Amateurs trail the Pros in Lag putting performance because it is one of the least practiced areas of their games. Creating a realistic ‘Tier’ in your backyard green complex will teach you how putts break as they traverse a Tier, and improve your touch for distance.”
  • “Humps are an interesting addition to a putting surface: they increase the green-reading challenge.”
  • “Valleys in rough areas can get as large as a grass bunker, or just run through an area and add to the natural contours. Valleys in rough areas add to the short game challenge and allow practice on sidehill lies.”

When amateurs do take the time to practice, several occurrences are the norm; a golf bag might be thrown into the trunk and carted off to the driving range where banging balls has become an obsession and putting is left as an afterthought.

SYNLawnGolf can build custom putting greens to specifically work on areas of focus, large or small, or you can make this a fun DIY project. Want to practice indoors? SYNLawn’s portable putting greens and mats can either substitute as fairway turf or a realistic putting surface right in the comfort of your home.

Ever wanted your own backyard putting green? Voice your opinion @Golf4Beginners and on @SYNLawn_Golf, the Turf Experts on Twitter…and LIKE SYNLawn Golf on Facebook!

13 Elaborate Golf Gifts

What to get for the golfer who has everything? We’ve come up with 13 solutions if money is no object

image of backyard putting green by synlawn golfBy: Staff

Sure, you can buy someone short-game lessons, but how does someone really get better? With practice. Give the gift that keeps on giving — and is sure to make someone the envy of the neighborhood — with a backyard practice area. SYNLawn Golf, in partnership with Dave Pelz, has plenty of custom options from which to choose.

For example, a 20-by-50 area with a green and a fringe will cost about $10,000 based on the installation. Have the space and money for a mini par 3? A larger layout equipped with a bunker and even a water hazard could be had for about $75,000 (left). Of course, it’s going to take a bit more to replicate what Pelz had built at his Austin, Tex.-area home.

Alex Myers

Read the full story online at this location.

SYNLawn To Build Indoor Putting Green at 2014 KC Golf Show

image of kid at kansas city golf showKANSAS CITY — Producers of the 2014 Kansas City Golf Expo announced Wednesday that SYNLawn will be the Official Turf Company of the 2014 Kansas City Golf Show, and will build a showcase green right on the show floor where golfers can try out putters, compete for prizes and more! The three-day consumer golf expo returns to the Overland Park Convention Center for a third year, February 21-23, 2014.

The On The Green interactive area — featuring a state-of-the-art SYNLawn green complete with a putting surface, simulated rough and even a bunker — is certain to be a gathering point for golfers all weekend, as they step onto the green to try out new putters or compete in one of the show’s interactive contests. Added to the show’s 50-Foot Putting Challenge, Long Drive Challenge, Closest-To-The-Pin Challenge, Short Game Central, Main Stage, Free Lesson Area, Testing and Fitting Zone and 19th Hole Lounge, attendees will have no shortage of activities to keep them moving about the show floor and engaging with exhibitors in all parts of the hall.

Great deals, indoor hitting range, fun golf contests, giveaways and unbelievable prizes help K.C. golfers kick off 2014 at Overland Park Convention Center

The return of sponsors like SYNLawn, Edwin Watts Golf Shop, Prairie Band Casino & Resort, Amini’s Galleria, RMI Golf Carts, Old Kinderhook, The Lodge of Four Seasons, Hendrick Cadillac and many others is a sure sign of the confidence the Kansas City golf industry has placed in the Kansas City Golf Show to provide a significant return on investment for participating exhibitors. The Kansas City Golf Show has proved to be a hit with Heartland golfers in each of its first two years, with over 7,000 attendees passing through the doors each weekend. Even an epic snowstorm couldn’t keep the crowds away in 2013, as thousands of eager golfers drove through a foot of snow that fell just 24 hours before doors opened to make the 2013 Kansas City Golf Show a success.

image of synlawn putting green at kansas city golf show

Those attendees enjoyed show-only specials on golf-related products and services, free lessons, try-and-buy opportunities with the year’s hottest new equipment, and an giveaway package that included free golf, golf balls, magazine subscriptions and more.

This year’s show promises to once again mark the kickoff event of the spring golf season for golfers in the Kansas City area, who will benefit from the success of the show’s first two years in the form of increased participation and special offers from the region’s biggest golf and golf-related exhibitors, including courses, club and product manufacturers, destination resorts and more.

image of 810 sports talk radio at synlawn golf

The Kansas City Golf Show is one several high-end consumer golf expos produced nationally by Varsity Golf Shows, a Seattle-based marketing, communications and event production company with a strong reputation for providing outstanding values to U.S. golfers. In addition to the Kansas City Golf Show, Varsity also operates successful golf shows in St. Louis, Dallas, Los Angeles, Portland (Ore.) and Hartford (Conn.) and will be launching new consumer golf expos in Omaha (Neb.) and Louisville in 2014.

image of synlawn putting green at kansas city golf show

For a full recap of last year’s show, or to view more information, visit

In the News

My Golf Spy Gadget Reviews

(Written By: Sarah Hurwitch) You may have come across SYNLawn earlier this year when Dave Pelz released images to the public of his mind-blowing 2 ½ acre backyard covered with chipping areas & putting greens that vary in speed and degree of tilt.

image of synlawn golf putting green review

Pelz collaborated with SYNLawn to work on developing the best golf putting system for real golf performance and improvement. They wanted to create an artificial turf with the most consistent, predictable ball roll for golfers to practice on.

Ease of Use/Setup

The SYNLawn portable putting green came in a 10 lb box that my dog was just as intrigued as I was to find out its contents. Inside the box was a 4×10 putting mat, three cups, three flags, number stickers for the flags, and rubber balls to place at the bottom of the flags. The rubber balls are used to grab golf balls when they hit the cup in order to prevent them from rolling past the cup and off of the mat.

* Once the box was opened, the entire setup took less than 5 minutes to fully assemble.

image of synlawn golf putting green review

image of synlawn golf putting green review

image of synlawn golf putting green review

Score: 10/10


What impressed me the most was the feel of the grass when stepping over a putt on it. The mat is very stable like they intend, and the turf is closely woven together to restrict movement of the surface with use. As far as synthetic greens go, this SYNLawn green provides a turf that is very realistic to what a typical 10 ft putt would roll like on a practice green. The ball rolls very smooth and doesn’t seem to waver from its intended line when hit with a solid stroke.

image of synlawn golf putting green review

The one thing I would like to see is the holes cut slightly deeper in the mat. Although the rubber balls help keep the ball intact with the hole, its very easy for the ball to roll off the surface if it catches the edges of the hole.

image of synlawn golf putting green review

Score: 28/30


SYNLawn’s portable practice green is made with 100% nylon fibers to look and feel natural, as well as the durability to withstand wear and tear from quality practice sessions. By keeping their greens consistent with natural grass, this helps the golfer maintain distance control while practicing. Their nylon fibers prevent staining and also helps to resist fading when kept in the sun. The mat also has a non-skid backing so it won’t move around on your floor when you’re walking or practicing on it.

The 4×10 putting green comes with a 1 year warranty, which seems very reasonable. Depending on how much practice you put into it, I’d say this green could last you upwards of 3 years and keep its original integrity.

Score: 19/20

image of synlawn golf putting green review


SYNLawn has 3 portable practice products available on their website:

A 4×4 Fairway Mat runs at $124, A 3×8 portable putting green starts at $139, and the 4×10 portable putting green as shown retails at $200.

Considering the cost of similar putting green products from companies like Tour Links, Provoto, and TruLine are upwards of $300, SYNLawn has a valuable price point for their products.

Score: 18/20

image of synlawn golf putting green review

The Peanut Gallery

From those that were able to see and try the SYNLawn Golf putting green, they were mostly impressed with the quality of the turf. If you’re looking for a more permanent putting green in your home that has a structure underneath like the Tour Links or Provo putting greens, this is not the green you want. If you want a product that is reasonably priced, can be set up or stored away quickly, and provides a smooth surface to putt on, this is all that you could ask for.

Score: 18/20

Total Score: 93/100

Read the full story online at this location.

By SDSU Sports Info

image of south dakota state university jack rabbits indoor golf practice facilityImagine South Dakota State University hoops star Nate Wolters not having a gym to workout in over the offseason.

He might get a little rusty.

That’s how things were for the SDSU men’s and women’s golf teams, according to head coach Jared Baszler, due to unfavorable golf weather in Brookings most of the school year.

“We used to basically shut down for two months out of the year. Two hitting mats and a simple net gets boring,” Baszler said.

Thanks to a new $62,000 indoor facility on the south side of Frost Arena, not anymore.

“One of the first questions a recruit usually asks is how many months a year they can golf (in Brookings). From now on I’m gonna say 12 … anything you can do outside you can do in here,” Baszler said.

Baszler, who’s been coaching at SDSU since 2003, always had the idea of an indoor golf facility so his teams could still hone their skills while the courses were under a few feet of snow.

About two years ago, a few of the golfers’ parents approached him and got the ball rolling on fundraising for the project. He rounded up support from former Jackrabbit golfers, alumni, other parents of current golfers and just about anyone that ever had any connection to the SDSU golf program.

“Not only did we raise a lot of money, we raised enough money and we didn’t have to cut any corners with this facility,” Baszler said.

Needless to say he did a good job. A great job. The first phase of the Jacks’ new indoor golf facility was the 900 square-foot (48 x 20 feet) putting and chipping area. After $35,000 and some good old-fashioned labor (a wall had to be knocked out), phase one was completed over winter break. SynLawn, an aritificial grass company, installed the indoor putting green in less than two days.

Phase two happened much quicker than expected.

“We knew we wanted to do a simulator next and we left some space in our room for it,” Baszler said, “We had some donors who really stepped up and stepped up big. So instead of phase two taking two years, it only took a couple months.”

The simulator is like Wii Golf on steroids with a little higher price tag (around $32,000). Simply tee up the ball, pull out the club of choice and pick from a variety of courses or take to the driving range.

One of the biggest advantages of the simulator is the ‘launch monitor’, a portable black box which can be used indoors or out on the course and keeps data on every swing of every golfer for later analysis. Like watching film for golfers, the launch monitor records data such as club head speed, carry distance, angle of attack, ball spin, etc. The launch monitor and simulator setup were purchased from Foresight Sports – a leader in the launch monitor sector of the golf industry.

And one could argue the investment has already paid dividends: the men’s team set the lowest 54-hole score in school history at the Jackrabbit Invitational, the first meet since the fall season, after roughly two months with the putting and chipping area alone.

What’s the verdict?

“It has definitely helped. Looking at our stats from [the Jackrabbit Invitational], our players averaged less putts per round than we did last year and I have noticed their short game has improved overall. I would say it’s paid off so far,” stated Baszler.

“[The simulator's] really cool. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find players who don’t want to come in here all day, every day. We’ll have to divvy up the times because this is gonna be a lot of fun,” junior Hudson Carpenter said.

From an outsider’s prospective, the facility no-doubt helps solidify SDSU as a Division I golf program, even if it’s required some thinking outside the box. Baszler said not many teams in the upper-Midwest, if any, have anything like this unique facility.

“If you would’ve told me a year ago that we’d have this [facility], I would’ve told you you’re crazy,” Baszler said.

The coach no longer has to tell his golfers to go in and hit. They’re usually there already, some even sleeping overnight at the facility.

“The best take-away for me has been the reaction on the kids’ faces when they saw the simulator, when they saw the putting green in January — it’s putting chills down my spine right now. It’s pretty neat. They don’t feel like they’re so rusty, they don’t feel like they’re having to play catch-up with the rest of the country,” Baszler said.

SDSU Indoor Golf practice facility Before

image of South Dakota state university indoor golf practice facility before synlawn

SDSU Indoor Golf practice facility After

image of south dakota state university indoor golf practice facility after synthetic grass

Click here to read the full story online