image of dave pelz shotstopper putting green

ShotStopper for Advanced Putting Practice at Home

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Dave Pelz ShotStopper Added to Port Washington Home for Advanced Putting Practice

Seattle, WA – The Dave Pelz ShotStopper™ system is essential for accurately practicing longer shots at home. Todd Irwin is the newest owner of an advanced home putting practice system, and the SYNLawn golf turf covering the surface is sure to provide him with years of realistic experiences. SYNLawn Golf’s premium Precision Putt turf offers the precise speed and feel of real grass, allowing shots to land as naturally as they would on a professional course. The installation team combined the turf with a precisely calculated slope so that the ShotStopper accepts shots accurately from as far as 140 yards away.

Custom Golf Designs for Accurate Skill Building

SYNLawn worked with golf guru Dave Pelz to design the unique ShotStopper golf system. By absorbing the ball’s energy upon impact, the ShotStopper system allows for accurate practice to improve your approach chip and pitch shots. Todd Irwin’s new addition to his Port Washington home features SYNLawn’s best golf turf products, including:

  • 1,900 square feet of Precision Putt turf
  • 1,600 square feet of Augustine X47 turf
  • 400 square feet of White bunker turf
  • 440 square feet of Tee Strike
  • 7,000 pounds of EnviroFill
  • 600 pounds of White lightning silica
  • image of dave pelz shotstopper putting green
  • image of dave pelz shotstopper putting green
  • image of dave pelz shotstopper putting green

The finished putting green covers 3,500 square feet and includes an impressive 12-foot bunker. To create the amount of slope needed to absorb shot energy accurately, the team raised the green by almost three feet over the grade near the back. For the base, 65 cubic yards of material were added after 30 yards of soil were excavated. Mr. Irwin knew he had the right team for this kind of job after reviewing many photos of installations they completed across Canada and North America. Seeing the portable green in person at the Seattle Golf Show and meeting Dave Pelz didn’t hurt either! The SYNLawn Seattle installation team worked long and hard to complete the entire project in just eight days, even with having 2.5 hours of travel time each way between their headquarters and Port Washington.

Design Your Own Custom Putting Green

The design for Mr. Irwin features four approach tee boxes and a long-shot range, but your putting green and ShotStopper can feature anything you like. Discuss your options for building a home practice area to supercharge your golf skills by reaching out to our golf turf specialists.

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