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(Written By: Sarah Hurwitch) You may have come across SYNLawn earlier this year when Dave Pelz released images to the public of his mind-blowing 2 ½ acre backyard covered with chipping areas & putting greens that vary in speed and degree of tilt.

image of synlawn golf putting green review

Pelz collaborated with SYNLawn to work on developing the best golf putting system for real golf performance and improvement. They wanted to create an artificial turf with the most consistent, predictable ball roll for golfers to practice on.

Ease of Use/Setup

The SYNLawn portable putting green came in a 10 lb box that my dog was just as intrigued as I was to find out its contents. Inside the box was a 4×10 putting mat, three cups, three flags, number stickers for the flags, and rubber balls to place at the bottom of the flags. The rubber balls are used to grab golf balls when they hit the cup in order to prevent them from rolling past the cup and off of the mat.

* Once the box was opened, the entire setup took less than 5 minutes to fully assemble.

image of synlawn golf putting green review

image of synlawn golf putting green review

image of synlawn golf putting green review

Score: 10/10


What impressed me the most was the feel of the grass when stepping over a putt on it. The mat is very stable like they intend, and the turf is closely woven together to restrict movement of the surface with use. As far as synthetic greens go, this SYNLawn green provides a turf that is very realistic to what a typical 10 ft putt would roll like on a practice green. The ball rolls very smooth and doesn’t seem to waver from its intended line when hit with a solid stroke.

image of synlawn golf putting green review

The one thing I would like to see is the holes cut slightly deeper in the mat. Although the rubber balls help keep the ball intact with the hole, its very easy for the ball to roll off the surface if it catches the edges of the hole.

image of synlawn golf putting green review

Score: 28/30


SYNLawn’s portable practice green is made with 100% nylon fibers to look and feel natural, as well as the durability to withstand wear and tear from quality practice sessions. By keeping their greens consistent with natural grass, this helps the golfer maintain distance control while practicing. Their nylon fibers prevent staining and also helps to resist fading when kept in the sun. The mat also has a non-skid backing so it won’t move around on your floor when you’re walking or practicing on it.

The 4×10 putting green comes with a 1 year warranty, which seems very reasonable. Depending on how much practice you put into it, I’d say this green could last you upwards of 3 years and keep its original integrity.

Score: 19/20

image of synlawn golf putting green review


SYNLawn has 3 portable practice products available on their website:

A 4×4 Fairway Mat runs at $124, A 3×8 portable putting green starts at $139, and the 4×10 portable putting green as shown retails at $200.

Considering the cost of similar putting green products from companies like Tour Links, Provoto, and TruLine are upwards of $300, SYNLawn has a valuable price point for their products.

Score: 18/20

image of synlawn golf putting green review

The Peanut Gallery

From those that were able to see and try the SYNLawn Golf putting green, they were mostly impressed with the quality of the turf. If you’re looking for a more permanent putting green in your home that has a structure underneath like the Tour Links or Provo putting greens, this is not the green you want. If you want a product that is reasonably priced, can be set up or stored away quickly, and provides a smooth surface to putt on, this is all that you could ask for.

Score: 18/20

Total Score: 93/100

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