Dads for love of golf and family


Rarely do Fathers working 9-5 jobs have time to play a round of golf, except, possibly, maybe on the weekends? Perhaps this is the reason why many feel they need to sneak away, tip-toeing to the golf course when nobody is looking? For the lucky parents out there, introducing the children or spouse to the game can alleviate the pressure while creating lasting memories.

Many times the challenge of rounding up the family and escaping to the golf course can be time-consuming, cost prohibitive and downright next to impossible. Wouldn’t it be nice if Dad’s could combine their love of golf with family time at home? Wouldn’t it be even nicer to be able to step out your home’s back door to a comfortable, convenient setting of a custom backyard putting green?

With a synthetic green from SYNLawn Golf, Dad can be a hero both on and off the course. Click here to read the latest blog from Stacy Solomon of ‘Golf for Beginners’ who explores what Dads do to satisfy their love of golf and family.