Golf Training Aid

Do you offer any golf training aids in addition to custom putting greens on your website?

We do indeed offer golf training aids in addition to our custom backyard putting greens and indoor greens. These include our practice golf mats and do it yourself greens as well as The Elements of Practice by Dave Pelz. The elements of practice are a series of drills and games created by Dave Pelz, one of golf’s foremost authorities on the short game. Each of these elements focuses on a specific element of your short game, and can be practiced in our golf greens or putting mats. In the game of golf putting and chipping are crucial to low scores. The Elements of Practice will take you through the most common challenges golfers face in order to help you improve and achieve the low scores you desire.

The Elements of Practice include:

This amazing golf training aid allows you to work on the elements that often stand between golfers and a great short game. Address those issues with Dave Pelz’ Elements of Practice available exclusively at From backyard putting greens to our practice golf mats we’re all about making practice convenient at SYNLawn Golf. By bringing the game home to you you’ll have more inspiration to practice regularly and work on a part of the game that is so vital to consistently low scores. Choose from the many great items in our inventory of golf products and give your short game the attention it deserves! SYNLawn Golf is excited at the opportunity to help you grow your golf game. Through decades of knowledge and research combined with the extensive experience, knowledge and creativity of golfer Dave Pelz we’re making a difference in the games of golfers nationwide. We hope you’ll be next!

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